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The Internet Revolution has amazed everyone with its power in this fast-changing world. Due to this strength the media of the tremendous change in the world is flowing. To say means a new form of media has emerged. Mainstream journalism ie traditional media, newspapers, TVs and radio have lost their charm. One reason for this is to keep readers and viewers as ‘passive consumers’.

News Crime 24 is an online portal through which the news of corner of the district can easily be viewed through our portal.After the social and technical research from 2014, ‘Newscrime24.com’is a 24-hour Hindi news website, in which articulating a fresh news on the news of the latest happenings, whenever any person wants any thoughts or comments, Can express in Democratic India’s urban and rural citizens can draw their voice and not only the country but also the attention of the world. In the team of ‘News Crime 24’.com, there is a large network of intellectuals, including engineers, doctors, economists, teachers, journalists associated with various news media, with common man.

Significantly, the fact is that ‘News Crime 24 believes in journalistic journalism. It is not a child of any saint or governor, but rather the brain that produces the brains of enlightened civilians. It is a ritual to work for the interests of politicians and industrialists, not for the promotion of citizens but for citizens, by the citizens.

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